Wonderfully Disillusioned- Happiness


Is that title a double positive?

(That would be a good thing, right?).

A recent New York Times Sunday Review, “A Formula for Happiness” looks at smiles or lack thereof.

It is an interesting piece, one of those you can sink some personal thinking into, but turned up the disillusionment dial for me a little (at first, of course). Without any studies or any extra information but my own experience and opinion I would say happiness is influenced in this order: family (especially partners although we have to be careful not to feel responsible for others happiness), friends, finances, work and hobbies (or maybe sense of expertise).

I know for myself bouncing my focus around on any of those can increase my happiness.

According to the numbers in the article culled from different studies all of those go into the same bucket with only a 12% influence on our happiness. Really?

Disillusion me more.

The article kind of did with the other numbers.

48% is genes. Well thanks Dad, every time I feel happy… or not. yes Mom too, but Mom’s, to their sons, don’t always seem happy (more like worried, although Mom’s do sometimes seem to enjoy that role).

Not to worry, because I found the Wonderful. AND I found a connection to change management.

A whopping 40% of that big ‘ol smile has to do with ONE TIME EVENTS.

You know CHANGE!

I can’t resist…

So if I am a leader, and/or the one with the original thought, I can envision and follow through with something more powerful than faith, family, friends and someone’s job/career satisfaction?

And look my 40% even grabs part of the 12% in that big (as in things, apparently no influence) category (that is basically our lives) the work part.

The influence and power of change turns out to be Wonderful!

The next time you launch some big “one time” change event keep these happiness numbers in mind: 12% is all those things that are your life; 48% is from Mom, Dad and those relatives around the table on the holidays and 40% is because of change. The fact that change might be more powerful than family for smiles has me Wonderfully Disillusioned.

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