Beware the Opportunist


This little note is spinning around LinkedIn picking up “likes” as it goes.

See my, “Half Full or Half Empty- Change Management and Perception” version.

This is funny from four angles and an extra:


Sees the glass full.

In fact, as I mentioned in my previous post, sometimes thinks they can WILL the glass full.

When the opportunist succeeds the optimist cries. When the opportunist fails (and there is always a measure of failure against action focused approaches) the optimist sighs. I am an optimist. I sigh a lot. I, personally, get no pleasure (well not much) out of failure due to lack of planning.

The optimist becomes a Realist when they begin to see that end state of a full glass and realize the long path to get there.


Sees the glass half empty.

And, as mentioned in the previous post, sometimes swears they can see the water going down.

When there is failure the Pessimist gets affirmation. When there is success luck and superstition are often cited as the success factors.

A Pessimist becomes an Optimist, and maybe a Realist, when they, one day get a chance to drink the water from the full glass. It has to be the kind of water that has the taste they like. Otherwise, (see luck above).


Sees the glass for what it is.

‘Could be half full, ‘could be half empty, “why dwell on that?”.

A practical or pragmatic Realist may use some measure to decide whether something needs to be done about this glass thing.

A Realist becomes an Optimist when they value a full glass and then see the water rise. Vice versa for becoming a Pessimist. A Realist can turn into an Opportunist fast if those measurements look enticing and they think they can get a head start on the competition.


Sees the water.

The glass is just the vessel.

Is this person our hero or antagonist? (Or the pest that steals stuff from the garden at night?).

Change guy view: if action is needed it is great to have the opportunist around. If thought should prevail for a better end state then the opportunist can actually become a saboteur.

Opportunists (the title hints of this) tend to do things from a selfish or self-centered perspective. Did they share the water? Not likely. Did they use the empty glass as leverage for something (possibly, Opportunists do tend to be able to make something out of nothing… salespeople ring a bell)?

In the end, as our note suggests, the water is gone with the Opportunist thirst quenched and snickering.

The score on the note- Optimist lost big time, Pessimist is now right and Opportunist took advantage of the other two.

Beware the Opportunist those of you who ponder possibility or failure.

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