Wonderfully Disillusioned- Compliments

Take one day at the office and turn your listening dial to “Compliments”.

‘Bet you don’t hear many.

Maybe those “fake” Kudos (fake because they are not well thought out, but admittedly anything positive is helpful) given out by supervisors to rally the troops. While I get where they are coming from the insincerity in their tone disillusions me.

You might hear perfect praise, obviously well thought out, roll off a tongue with beautiful sincere pitch… until… the word “but” is inserted. I hate to disillusion anyone, but, anything after that word negates the previous statement. In other words, if you use the word “but” you mean to say what you just said, not what you are about to say.

When I hear no compliments with my dial turned to attune, not even the sloppy ones, I am VERY disillusioned.

I personally happen to be one of those that thrives on real, genuine compliments (gotten AND given). My attuned change-management-people-focus has revealed hundreds of others who feel the same.

To not have that need satisfied is disillusionary.

Not to fret though, I have the wonderful example. True not from an organizational setting (tune that dial at Starbuck’s and your results will be closer to wonderful than our opposite), but still human nature gone good.


Yesterday I gave you Piece by Piece, a slice of life post about change one thing at a time.

Today the view in the other direction.

Yes I have lots of work to do.

Yes the back yard (bigger) has even more.

Yes that tree did die with replanting. Oops.

And yes that is my dog (picked up from a family members’ divorce proceedings… how does THAT work?).

And yes Oreo is NOT happy we have no lawn. He is however a stakeholder who will not resist this change. HA!

The Example:

Yesterday’s example shows one of the walls I am building (more will appear later for today’s view).

Today show’s the blank canvas (with the first splashes of “paint”). I see the end state. In fact while I am working it hovers in front of my eyes to keep me going (if only I could teach that talent to others- floating end state creation). Passersby see a lot of dirt (and a lot of work).

The WONDERFUL: 40 people have now stopped to talk, ask questions and compliment. I live in a Zillow registered “walker’s paradise” so LOTS of people walk by our house.

The truly wonderful (after the compliment is absorbed) are the questions.

“What are you going to do here or there?”

“What is your overall feeling for the yard as a whole?”

“Will there be height changes?”

“Will there be rocks?”

“A water feature?”


“You are going to be the healthiest guy in town!” (Not a question and not a compliment, necessarily, but one of the best statements I have heard- a personal motivator, always crucial for change).

The wonderful, truly, is that some asked about detail, some asked about the end state, some asked about relationships, some wanted to know how I was personally connecting to this work.

If only this was an organizational example. Wonderfully Disillusioned I am.

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