Wonderfully Disillusioned-Change Management

Too much discernment (my word for sensible criticism), too much criticism, too much calling out what is or might be wrong.

So this Wednesday I am going with ONLY wonderful.

Change Management

Change management, some say, has been around a long time.

Maybe, but not with that title.

When I started it was not called change management (maybe OD, maybe organizational effectiveness). I haven’t been practicing for that long. I would say CM is in its teenage years. It grew up fast! (yes that is wonderful).

  • We have come from layering over IT to get people to “punch different keys” to calculating ways to steer behavior in completely different ways in short periods of time.
  • We have come from something that was tagged on to other things to a practice that can stand alone (and layer).
  • We now integrate multiple specialties into the CM label- engagements often, now, have training, communications and development specialists not to mention subject matter experts that “report” to us in different ways.
  • We get respect. That is new and wonderful for sure.
  • We are sometimes, now, given the time to do this change thing right.
  • And even, on magical engagements, allowed to help the organization build its strength, capability and competency (OD within CM).
  • We are often the center of an organizations social media strategy. That means we are always invited to the party- wherever it happens to be.
  • We are frequently tapped for business process improvement. For me that fits right into our ability to understand people and how people work best together (hint a smooth way to get things to happen always helps- good process is, after all, wonderful).
  • We are frequently thought of as organizational design experts. That is one of my own labels and would not have become a specialty without the growth, visibility and respect CM has gained.
  • We, if we do this right and push the correct buttons, actually do get a chance to help people-individuals and groups.

There are a lots of wonderful things happening with change management. This particular Wednesday post reveals no disillusionment.

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