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As a run up to my panel speaking engagement, Perks & Perils: Optimizing Internal and External Change Management, April 16th at 4 pm PST for the Los Angeles ACMP conference, I promised a little history. This has been a theme here at Horizontal Change since September 2009 (he says as he emerges from his Delorean).

  1. Change Management Consultant, Internal or External?- ties right into our panel discussion…3 years ago. :-).
  2. A Disturbing Trend in Change Management- Internal roles were beginning to be created, and experimented with, that year.
  3. One Future of Change Management- Up High, Partly Inside and Boutique- one of my set of predictions (come true).
  4. View from the Outside In- Musings from an External Change Management Consultant- This one fits our first list as a peek into the thoughts of an external.
  5. Status Quo Internal Director Roles and a Warning- My first cautionary post three years ago.
  6. Internal Change Management Consultants- Today’s Oxymoron- I have since adapted my perspective, but this was my thinking about internal change management for a couple of engagements.

This first round of historic links gives background for some of my developing thoughts on the internal and external equation. Originally I was very external focused. I had years where, honestly, I watched internal consultants make things worse. The profession of CM and those who practice it have matured. (To some extent). My last couple of engagements have given me a chance to see good internal practitioners use those competencies best suited for their roles, and use them well.

In my journey through 800+ posts I see that, predictably, my perspective leans to external interpretation. I have had some influences lately that are refining my perspective to include internal in different ways (Ania Szpakowski, one of our panel members, has said some things in her comments about internal and external change practice that rang clear as a bell in my head- I am looking forward to more of that at the conference [a chance for all of us to learn]}.

Take a look at the underpinnings of my thoughts, get irritated, smile and agree, leave a comment to stir the pot (or throw out Kudos). This promises to be a before, during and after conversation.

Six links from the Horizontal Change past to provide fodder for discussion and introspection on the topic of internal and external change practice.

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