Does it say something about age if you immediately hum tunes when you see this word?

Although… I have this theory that kids like the stuff their grandparents liked. (What kid would be caught dead, say, listening to their PARENTS music). Many of my friends waited to have children. Their children like the same music (and our kids music, the good stuff at least, sounds a lot like ours). So a 12 year old could be humming tunes with this word too.

My own kids lend credence to this theory.

a : mental acceptance as true or real <give credence to gossip>

b : credibility 1 <lends credence to the theory>


So “lending credence” to something means somehow reinforcing it.

An example supports a theory.

The words of an “expert” help make something seem true.

A model in charts, organized and marketed seems a good approach.

Someone says this is the best. You accept that.

See where I am going with this?

Credence to me (mostly because of that hard “d” right in the middle) is a word that should carry some significance. If you are adding credence to something there should be some accountability.

Credence feels like it should come with facts or opinion based on facts. In fact, I think, even the facts should be questioned. Digging into who created the number (oops- meant gathered or measured) lends credence to facts.

You can’t just say, “that’s a fact” without, well, some basis in fact.

I will leave it up to my readers to help me justify that statement. We could all use someone beside us to lend credence to the things we say and do.

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