Change Management Four Leaf Clover


In keeping with the green milk and beer holiday for today here is a list of all the things a change practitioner might get if they could carry around a four leaf clover:

  1. Ownership at the highest level
    The dream engagement (I am thinking external now, but this would be like TWO clovers for an internal practitioner) is to work directly with the top spending leader. Partnering with the next level down is fine, but the true contract would be between the practitioner and the owner. I would even take a tarnished version from the clover and have an ornery owner.
  2. A real methodology
    Not one borrowed from project management or the organizations status quo, but one that thinks about where to go with the past and the present as a foundation. No curves, no troughs of doom, no steps that have to be in a row, no resistance fighting, nothing old fashioned, just an honest transparent, this-is-where-we-want-to-be-and-why approach. Anything less is like carrying around a lowly THREE leaf clover.
  3. The right technology
    I always bring my laptop to client sites now. They never (except for my current, rare exception, client) have SnagIt or the Adobe Suite (without sacrificing your first born) or Windows Live Writer (great for blog posts, even to internal corporate sites) or Word Blocks (great for longer writing like manuals and white papers). I get all excited when they have Windows 7 for crying out loud (a Windows 7 upgrade project is the cats meow).
  4. Good people
    This one really isn’t fair because EVERY organization I have ever been in has good people. A lot of organizational cultures do a good job of stripping the good OUT of people though. For those places I would be content to leave the clover behind.
  5. Cash
    I had to put that one in there.
    Admittedly, 2013 has been a huge improvement here, at least for external with experience. Compensation has jumped a good 50%, starting pretty much ON Jan 1st. Without cash you can’t get good people. It is a vicious circle too, because the companies who are failing have little cash to pay for the change management that might help pull them out. And so those already successful grab the talent and just keep getting better while the others flounder.

Wouldn’t it be great to carry a four leaf clover into change initiatives? It might give you ownership, real methodologies, technology up to date, good people (or, at least a conducive environment) and cash. Out to the yard to find mine…

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