Wonderfully Disillusioned- Dedication

Early effort for change, when luck or planning has “early” included, is often a lot of discussion about “what if’s”. Not the what if’s of imagining and looking toward end states, but the disillusioning what if’s about people. So and so pushed back last time, will they do it again? She refuses to team with anyone, forcing her expectations on everyone else… will that happen again? Sale won’t like this. HR will push back. Finance is stingy. Choose your chosen label, assumptions and disillusioned resistance fighting.

I sometimes get one of those uncomfortable smiles in these types of meetings. Not because I am happy and looking to laugh, but because my body is signaling discomfort-disillusionment.

The meetings are essential and the assumptions are probably to be expected. It is a people thing.

Many times after this initial, “this is going to be so hard”, wave passes over, end state descriptions get created and solid stakeholder connection begins, something shows up.


Most of us, in some way, have chosen our roles, our jobs, our careers.

And it turns out a lot of us are dedicated.

Dedicated to moving things forward.

Dedicated to learning.

Dedicated to trying hard.

To participating.

And, yes, to helping with changes and change.

For this fantastic human trait I say I am wonderfully disillusioned.

The wonderful comes when the change path opens up and people start working on the list of tasks. That is when you (I on engagements) get to see people doing what they do best. I get to see talent reaffirmed. I get to see those competencies that we listed early on as important for the change, being used. I get to see people dig in to their work. We all get to see the interaction of multiple specialties and talents combining for something bigger than the sum of the individuals.

Work and talent combined with individual dedication overcomes the assumptions of resistance and difficulty. For that I am Wonderfully Disillusioned.

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