The One Minute Change Readiness Assessment


Are you ready for change? “No”
Are you ready for change? “Yes”

Readiness assessment done.
And that tells me what?

If you want to know an organizations “tolerance for change” (or any other made up term that tends to avoid addressing the real issues with change) start with the owner of the change. That might be the CEO, maybe an SVP, or for smaller change a mid level leader within a function.

Do they have any idea what the end state is and what they are proposing (not the business case- the real why from the people side)? If they don’t (hint: they rarely do) then you could easily say the organization is not ready for change. If they say yes go next to those who will have to represent and implement the change.

Same question.

If they both give you good answers that illuminate the end state and show they understand how that end state will be different for others then you can test that description with stakeholders.

Some may have a lot of questions and a lot of feedback (“resistance-assumers” that does not mean they are pushing back). Some may not. Whether they are “ready” or not is insignificant.

What is significant is that they understand their value for the end state and that leadership has articulated the connection between work and a bigger picture context.

Good change leaders CREATE readiness.

They know asking for it is a waste of time.
IMHO two cents worth having watched practitioners turn organizations that ARE ready into those that are not with all their “quantitative measurement”.

And yes this might take a little longer than a minuteā€¦

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