Fast Change Around Us- Time


Guess what lots of people around you now never use?


I know, right?

Surprised me too, the first time someone brought this up.

Then I started looking around. No watches.

(OK to be fair, no watches on anyone less than 40).

I keep looking and almost feel sorry for those people I find that do have watches. That is like being fully clothed at a nudist colony. Or finding yourself in a crowd unclothed.

What happened? What caused this Fast Change Around Us?

Screens. Screens all over the place have time on them. Phones certainly do. All of our fancy computers do. TV’s flash the time for certain things. We still have clocks everywhere (they will likely have some staying power).

Really, honestly, there is very little reason to have a watch anymore.

Except as a statement. Which brings us right to change and change management.

A watch will always be able to satisfy the function of time keeping- anywhere (even under water or in space). A watch will always be a fashion (whether it is fashionable or not is debatable). So, someone will ALWAYS wear a watch. And some people will ALWAYS wear watches.

Think about watches and then think about some things that become change initiatives. Is that new technology a quality functional replacement? Will the new function destroy previous form (is someone going to always want to wear a watch)? Does the new change have a form of its own? Can that become fashionable? Are you forcing everyone to “take off their watches” knowing that they will now have to carry a phone around (that is about 5 times bigger)? Can you justify adding things against that which is different?

If I don’t use all the stuff on my phone does it just make sense to have a watch?

Which, of course, is the drumroll for the Dick Tracy watch-that-is-a-phone. Cue Apple (of course).

Are you wearing a watch right now? If not you are part of the watch-less fast change around us movement.

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