Fast Change Around Us- Navigation


Perfectly packed I was, for a first week away at a client site. Or so I thought. No belt (I know, guys don’t wear belts anymore, but there is still a little bit of a business dress code).

This is my favorite fast change (after cruise control):


How cool is it to be able to say to your phone, “Target” and have it tell you in that pleasing female voice exactly how to get there. And with fun moving video to boot!

Have you noticed there seems to be just as many Target stores as Starbucks?

I passed eight (that I could see from the freeway) on the 3 hours commute. That may be some sort of fast change too…

Round two of the navigation adventure this week was the input of an address for temporary stay. I must have had Google Nav on some sort of “adventure setting” because that nice lady guided me through orange and plum and almond orchards- mist rising above the ground, sun cresting over the snow covered ridges- zigging and zagging me to my destination. Totally blue roads! (A reference to two lane roads off the beaten track, in case I just dated myself). This would have reversed the Luddite in even my own dad.

My kids, who now have their own phones after much arm twisting of the parental units, love to be the navigators. I started out old fashioned, thinking they would never experience the fun of charting family trips on an actual (using that word facetiously here) map.

This is so much better! They zoom in, they zoom out, they go right then left. They go all the way out to space AND back. No way could I have ever put my trip as a kid into THAT kind of context. Yosemite in relation to Mars. That is the ultimate.

Can we borrow from this for organizational change?

We can.

Many of the Fast Changes Around Us are actually some old things wrapped up in different packages. How is phone navigation any different than a map?…if the most important thing is getting to the destination. All those things you have to say about the paper map have to do with the experience. Same with the phone. They both work to get you there.

We have an important distinction here. Some change makes functional work easier. Some change creates a better experience. (Some rare change does both).

Differentiating and calling out function and form can make change more palatable and reinforce end states through use (function) and experience (form).

The map and the phone comparison is an easy way to show both. If you can show the phone provides form and function better than the map you are on your way to a more modern end state.

Look at the Fast Changes Around You. They may just help you put your own change, personal or corporate, into a different context. Navigation with phone or map is an easy Fast Change to start with.

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