Fast Change Around Us- Monster TV’s


If you are in the market to place a TV in your living room that your neighbors and, quite possibly the people in the next town over, can view, Sharp is delivering.

90” of pure TV real estate.

Forget bragging about “diagonal size”, this baby gets to use (finally, speaking of fast change next to slow change) HORIZONTAL size. Because, of course, horizontal is all anyone really cares about!

At that size everyone on your couch is in the center of the TV (and the kids, the dog and the cat on the floor).

This is some serious change that will have people craning for years to come.

(An aside: what happens when they scale, you know they will, to say 10 feet or 12.5? How cool would it be to have a TV that did not fit in some ROOMS!).

This IS fast change.

I took my kids to a local museum and they had a sample living room set up from “days gone by”. The TV, a monster at maybe 19” (diagonal) screen inside a 6ft 8in wide cabinet (Ok that was an exaggeration to be funny, but not too far off). I was able to say that looks exactly like my grandmothers TV. And no I’m not that old.

Let’s get to the change.

Think about the number of times you now go to a friends and spread around the room for a party, sports, a movie, or an election.The TV, and the things it throws out, can be a magnet for socialization, sharing and dialogue (if you can get someone to be in charge of the mute and not mess up all the time). Perhaps the huge TV’s have opened up rooms? Or maybe great rooms call for big TV’s? The TV still creates a circle within the viewing range though no matter the size of the room.

Those circles are very social.

Sure you could do the same thing with a board game (that’s a shout out to the Luddites out there who still have their original TV…or none at all).

Or you could play a board game on the TV!

We have a blast clearing out our den of furniture and having adult/kids WII bowling tournaments.

From Pong to TV’s that cover a wall and do things when you gesture-Fast Change Around Us.

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