Change Management Resolutions

These things I already do, but I am resolving to get better:

  1. Be patient.
    Client time is different from mine. It is usually slower, but sometimes has a wild false urgency. Patience for change management means going slower at times and faster when it is not really necessary.
  2. Fill in the cells.
    Whether or not it makes sense everyone seems to need cells filled in. Rather than constantly question all these spreadsheets I am going to take some time to fill them up so I can get to the REAL change management.
  3. Stand my ground.
    It is easy as a consultant to not say some things either because you know there is little chance your comments will turn into the right action or because you are afraid you will push buttons which can make your position precarious. This is exactly what consultant used to get PAID for- willingness to question and eloquently present alternatives. I have worked to hard to discard this talent.
  4. Spend more time dishing out Kudos.
    There is not enough specific acknowledgement in organizations. Perhaps coming from outsiders compliments that call out expertise might carry some extra weight? Perhaps spending a little extra time on this helps others to follow suit? You do not know until you try.

Four resolutions that might help both consultant and client, and vice versa: Be patient, fill in the cells, stand your ground and hand out extra Kudos. Use them yourself if you like.

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