All the Little Stuff for Change

There is Leadership, Ownership, Sponsorship, Communication and there is all the little stuff.

Just a list, of the little stuff:

  1. A regular update- create a nice clean, not too “logo-ized” PDF (no not a PowerPoint Deck) that has accomplishments, successes and “next-to-comes”.
  2. Plan for informal one on one conversations. You can “survey” until the cows come home and never get the kind of information that comes out of dialogue with the right individuals.
  3. Take advantage of unplanned opportunities for dialogue. Set up a meeting in person at just the right time and lose the agenda thing.
  4. Go through your materials and switch the order of present and future. Future goes in the first column, present in the second.
  5. Name your initiative. I had a first recently. A client named an initiative and when feedback showed the name did not resonate they changed it to something that worked. In the moment adaptation to make change easier for stakeholders-Nice!
  6. My new favorite- start video taping those white board conversations where the experts explain something (process, procedure, relationship, structure, etc.). EVERYONE (or at least a lot more people) should be privy to those explanations. The explanations make change make sense.
  7. This is maybe not a little thing… get that landing spot set up before  you do anything else. Ideally it is a web site with few restrictions (not change crammed into your organizations wiki or pet software). Ideally it is iconic and graphically based- think image maps to detailed documents.
  8. Strip reviewing down to one layer. Or at least a short window for comments- comments being a different and more effective method than the signer form of review.
  9. Smile. Seriously. Change can be fun. Journeys are exciting. Checking things off that connect to the whole is satisfying. Smiling feels good and is good for you.

Nine tips for the little stuff of change: updates, informality, unplanned dialogue, future first, initiatives with names, video, that landing spot, comment review and a smile.

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