More Change Management Replacement Terms

More synonyms for change:

Revision Management

This could be the term for IT software upgrades.

An upgrade tends to reveal the way the previous version was used. Customization is the revelation. Understanding why the customizations took place can be a gauge for the new version. Does the upgrade satisfy previous customizations?

If so you have an excellent head start for the end state description.

If not you must either question the value of the upgrade or address the customization problem. And by problem I mean the cultural form. Somehow customizations were allowed to happen. Digging into this is a change management type all its own. I am on round two for clients for Revision Management.

Revolution Management

This one is fun.

Is this change management for big overturning efforts by a surprise group?

Is this Organic Change Management with anger and purpose built in?

Or maybe this is the other meaning for revolution- change management that just keeps going around in circles.

This could be a higher level change management that tweaks and perfects from change to change too.

Shift Management

Shift Management could be the process of scheduling and monitoring resources.

It could also be the management of small change that pushes things in a new direction.

Our customization example earlier might fit here. When customizations are halted lots of little patterns have to be addressed. There has to be a shift in trust. The new tool must be trusted. Stakeholders must be able to trust that management and the change team understand the functionality of the tool. And the underlying reason for customizations must be revealed on the cultural side (hint this has more to do with power and autonomy than the fix customizations may have created).

Surrogate Management

When an initiative is big and broad there will be high level program change consultants and there will be project level implementation practitioners. It is the role of the program agents to help guide those within the projects- their surrogates in a way.

It is this area the mentoring and managing of surrogates that is ripe for the addition of OD (Organizational Development). What better time than during a big change that requires new competency to train and develop? And what a waste if Surrogate Management is not weaved into your change.

Switch Management

I picture a big panel of buttons that can be switched to make things happen. This stakeholder needs to participate- pull the switch. This stakeholder is resisting- push that button. This performance process needs to be set aside for a year- that big button there will fix this.

This could be change management that forces an instant move to something else, a switch. Maybe it’s process. Maybe it is some cultural perspective (customizations are ok or not is an example again). There are so many times when just looking in a different direction or switching the way you do something, can effect quick change.

More additions to a terms list that will probably never get used. It is interesting to look at change synonyms though- a good exercise in seeing change from different angles.

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