Change Synonyms- Yes More!

More synonyms- change comes in many forms:

Development Management

Competencies, skills, capability, structure- these are the areas of change, the good kind- GROWTH that might be able to use this label instead of “change management”.

Development in the context of employees was first an HR role, then OD-split-off and, I think now should be, layered over change initiatives. There are so many opportunities to use big change as a chance for personal and career growth while strengthening and, yes, using Development Management.

Difference Management

Big picture Difference Management would be making the transition from the here and now to that other spot. Or better, focusing on the positive difference and figuring out what it takes to get there.

Smaller picture would be the management of differences between people. All change, all the work of a change practitioner has a level of mediation, compromise and collaboration. Understanding and empathizing with difference is a part of change.

Distortion Management

This one is great because I think it is the change management stakeholders might use in the opposite direction.

If Distortion Management was being practiced in this direction it would mean stakeholders insist on: honesty, transparency, interaction, inclusion, clear communication and actual leadership participation (rather than disconnected spin).

As practitioners we often have to use this type of change management practice FOR the stakeholders. They don’t dare do it themselves, but someone has to get through to leadership and break through status quo structure to reduce distortion and make it real change.

Diversification Management

This could be insuring there is a mix of participation in terms of race, sex, age etc. or it could mean that certain things are approached in tandem. Maybe though it means that people wear a few hats during the change process? As mentioned earlier change is a great chance to develop people. It is also a great chance to move in different and new directions. It is a chance to move in multiple directions to ensure one of those paths is successful.

Innovation change can have Diversification Management with dual streams of effort made up of different types of people and skills.

Diversity Management

OK maybe this one is about making your organization a melting pot.

If you are not, and look to be there, will be cultural change.

Innovation Management

Innovation is one of my own favorite words.

It feels like newness, like good ideas (I would love to get paid just to come up with ideas… actually sometimes I do), like people working together to create things. Innovation is a good word.

Unless of course you do not have the capability to come up with good ideas and or the capacity to turn them into something. Getting that idea to be something, the process for that , would be Innovation Management.

Some change is about growth. Some is about modification. Some has a lot to do with people combinations and people possibility. This covers the mix.

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