Change Harvest


Every change initiative is a harvest.

Because of the energy of change (positive when approached with effective change management) you can often reap much more than expected. You can almost always get more than just the change. Tending to the extras for each harvest makes the drawing more out of the next change easier.

What are the extras you can get from change initiatives?

  • Better process
  • Better collaboration
  • Overall efficiency
  • Freedom/Independence/Innovation
  • Skill and Competency Building

Better process

Change initiatives shine a light on the way things are done in an organization.

If CM is there high and early process can be looked at, questioned for its efficiency at the end state, recreated with different scenarios and analyzed from both high and individual level. There is always something that can be improved. Change shines the light and provides the chance to improve.

Better process means you get more out of your harvest this time and later.

Better collaboration

Change initiatives sometimes force collaboration.

They certainly do across horizontally across verticals. That is good in that you can quickly see how well operational collaboration is going in your organization.

If there is room for improvement, change initiatives are a great time to test different options. You might want to use email differently. You might want to get people to start using a portal to reduce redundancy of information exchange. You might want some meetings that are cross functional connected to the change, with extra time to also address operational collaboration.

You don’t want all the tractors headed to the same section of the field. Collaboration gets them going in different directions, but together.

Overall efficiency

Collaboration across verticals often creates opportunities to address efficiency without stepping on toes.

It can also call out those functions that have gone too far into “efficiency”. Regulation, rules, governance and documentation may look efficient, but they can also stifle independent thought and ideas. In those cases making things more efficient may be to lighten up structure and process.

Again you may be able to try some ideas out under the guise of the change.


Fantastic things can happen when change initiatives peel people off to do the change and project work.

It can be a little like the false beginning of a New Year’s day.

It can be a real beginning if structural and performance issues are addressed before the change begins so the teams have a real chance at success. And the organization has a chance to get the addition of ideas and innovation as a result.

Skill and Competency Building

Less control, less structure (which is typically the case for the change teams) balanced by the consensus that can come with cross functional interaction builds competency and skill. It used to be (this does not seem as common in organizations lately) that employees were put on projects or moved to certain places to have a chance to build competency.

Building change teams is the new version of that.

Change also calls out the organizations lack of competency- competency gaps.

Change is a great time to pull in external resources to augment and mentor. (Be careful creating a procurement/contractor situation- when they leave so too leaves the competency).

Change initiatives can be good harvests of process, efficiency, collaboration and competency building. If you plan for and include the cross functional interaction needed. If not, the change you try, which was likely a result of a bad “drought”, will only call out how long it has been since the rains produced a bumper crop.

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