What are we not thinking of? A change management list.


Good start. The primary competency of a change management consultant, I am beginning to think, is anticipation. Or ,so you do not confuse this with some fight or flight tendency (also well honed in CM practitioners) intuition might be a better word. We can tell you what will happen as each little action reverberates across the change web. We have probably seen something like this before, people are people and because of that, mistakes are consistently repeated from organization to organization and person to person.

Odds are you are not thinking of:

  • How your assumptions effect your approach
  • The true effect the change will have on operational efficiency
  • The true effect operations will have on the path to the end state
  • Importance of placement of change process- usually too low in organization
  • Importance of timing of CM- usually too late
  • The effect of leadership (different than the “importance of”)
  • The power of one (how well is your approach going to acknowledge at the individual level)
  • Context and big picture- will a stakeholder know where they fit and where you are in the process?
  • Your performance system and its stranglehold on change
  • Your leaders and their stranglehold on change (see previous bullet- not necessarily their fault)
  • How you are dealing with assessment and measurement
  • The difference between training and awareness
  • Leveraging transformational initiatives for succession and professional development
  • Accountability, responsibility and “ownership”

It is a much longer list, but you get the idea. Or do you?

If you really want to “transform”  your organization looking at a much bigger picture is essential.

If your approach is the typical one of firing CM into the fray and hoping for little fall out this is an unnecessary list… until the next time you try to make a big change.

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