8 steps to the Heart of Change-failure

  1. Ramp up the urgency
  2. Grab some like minded people to help out
  3. Now create a vision/story that will increase the tension… I mean urgency
  4. Start talking, start convincing and start bargaining if necessary
  5. Put some people in charge- in fact hold them accountable NOW
  6. You might want to consider some short term wins since you are so far into this
  7. Give 110%. With enough force you can get a square peg in a round hole
  8. Now glue it all together to form a new legacy

Just a few comments-

This is actually out of order. The last thing you want to do is follow this in order. In case you missed that- It does not have to be in this order. You will probably benefit from moving that urgency part down to the middle where, in a reasonable change effort things make sense, money is there and the people with the competency are in the right place. Then the urgency is to actually get the pieces of the process accomplished.

Why, exactly would you wait until the sixth step for a win? Any kind of a win even a short one. Why not make the first step solid corporate strategy? Believe me letting change come from that will be a BIG win.

The gathering of information to get to a description of the end state would follow.Urgency and vision close to each other is sure to get snickers from those who have seen it before.

Communicating to get buy-in sounds a little like an expensive TV ad. If you need “buy in” you either have weak change or weak leaders. Yes you will need to explain the sensibility of the change and illustrate your command of the upcoming process. Do that and you will have participation with motivation.

Never let up on your focus on tying context of work into the big picture. Never let up on illustrating all of the pieces, all of the timing, all of the successes and all of the changes of direction.

If you have to make it stick you might want to rethink your eight steps…

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